Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Should Have Known, and If You Don't Laugh You Cry II

About 2 months ago Beloved was at the facebook (had just turned it on) and up popped a chat box from a certain Shannon Blah-Blah. (Last names are changed to protect the not-so-innocent) I was at his shoulder reading something he was posting and could have sworn it said "hey handsome...."and some other stuff I wasn't fast enough to read. He closed it down so fast and when I said, "Honey, your friend was trying to chat with you." He said, "Oh, Oh, I just, I've never chatted on Facebook before."

To which I replied, "Yeah you did. Remember you chatted with my sister and then me the other day?" To which he responded, "oh....yeah. Well, I don't want to start talking, we're headed to bed." (Which is what we WERE, in truth headed to...) Then I said, "Well, tell her that, so she doesn't think you're being rude" (I really wanted him to open up that dialog box again, since I know they save the messages even after being closed down. Hey, I can be stealthy, too.)

So, I pretended to watch TV and sat so I could see the both the tv and computer screens. Then I saw him open up the message, read it quickly and press 'clear chat history' Then he typed--no lie, true story--"My wife and I are looking at facebook together." followed by something mundane like, "how are you?" or some such nonsense.

As he typed he was telling me that he didn't feel comfortable chatting because he made a rule not to chat with any females on here, even old friends, only posting on 'walls'. I came over and pretended I was looking at a new quiz that one of his seminary students had just taken and posted about. Then I read his chat. Which, honestly wasn't as sneaky as it sounded, because we have always been open about emails and stuff like that. And I questioned him about his weird behavior and his even weirder post.

He got really defensive, which I thought was just him getting upset that I wouldn't trust him...I didn't think it was because he was truly guilty. Oh, stop! I'm kicking myself now for it.
ANYway...I told him to think how it looks from my perspective and then I believe I said, "And then you type my-wife-and-i-are-looking-at-facebook-together. As in: My-wife-and-I-are-looking-at-facebook-together-so-don't-mention-the-hot-sXX-we-had-today." He stopped and said, "yeah. I guess that does look really suspicious. I'm sorry I was defensive" Then he went on to say that she's just an old friend and that she is married and with kids. To which I responded, "So, people who are married with kids can still cheat"

OK, so who wants to reach through their screen and throttle me for not realizing it sooner?

Ach, no worries, I totally understand.

I just...trusted him so implicitly.

So, after that incident with the facebook chat I told my best friend and she and I laughed about it. I KNOW, ok?! Stop. I feel dumb enough as it is....
As I was saying, so she laughed about it and her husband knew about it and we all thought it was funny. Hardy har har.

So, yesterday I was on Facebook and I saw Amy's husband J (who has been supportive during my crisis) available for chat and it went a little something like this:

Gigi: Hey friend, thanks for being so supportive right now and for being a good husband to Amy. She's so wonderful. I am really grateful to have her here.
J: No problem. I'm really glad you have each other.
Gigi: me, too.
J: Hey, I read your blog (i have another blog...not anonymous...and much more uplifting!) a few days ago. Some of the posts were really funny. You're kind of funny.
Gigi: I know, right? I'm super funny. Why do you think Amy likes me so much? LOL.
J: That one about E and not being killed at the supermarket was hilarious.
Gigi: I know. That E just cracks me up sometimes. She's such a little freak.
J: Oh, and don't worry. I'll disclose this chat to Amy.
Too soon?

I KNOW, RIGHT?! I can't believe he would have joked about that! Actually, my first instinct was to gasp, and then I laughed. In fact, I laughed about it several times throughout the day. I tell you what, you have to have a sense of humor some days.

Thank goodness for Amy and her husband. ;)


Me, Myself and I said...

I have added you to LDS Listings. Thanks!

wonder woman said...

I think your ability to laugh at certain aspects of this is a blessing from God. Seriously.

♥ Braja said...

I think hindsight is invaluable, but a myth....
Have only ever read back thru 2 people's blogs.....and yours is one of them.....you deserve a lot of love and support, my lovely....xoxoxo