Friday, June 26, 2009

Where is my Clarence?

One of my (and Beloved's) favorite movies to watch during the holidays is "It's a Wonderful Life"
I keep thinking of the beginning of the movie. The very beginning. You know what I'm talking hear all these prayers floating up to heaven on behalf of George Bailey.
I just keep thinking of that. I can't get it out of my head. I feel like if I could just get enough people to pray for my George Bailey. If I could get a village to pray for Beloved--I think a miracle could happen for him.
So--am I seeking a Clarence?
Am I to be Clarence?

But I need somebody
Because I feel like my George Bailey has already crashed his car and is on the bridge contemplating jumping to the icy water below.


Mercedes said...

Welcome to SITS! We are excited to have you.

Housewife Savant said...

Yours is more like a made-for-TV Lifetime Channel original.
Hang in there.

jmn2001 said...

We pray for both of you everyday and think about you all the time.


Christina said...

Stopping in to welcome you to SITS. So glad you joined.

MiMi said...

I agree with HS...and made for tv movies are bad. But they usually have a good ending, right? Hang in there. There are many prayers going up for your beloved and YOU.

mama-face said...

You can't hope for anything more important...the power of prayer. Doing it.

But I sure hate it when people say that sometimes the answer is no. That is not an answer. Sorry, I'm getting a little crazy on you...

Yeah, I was going to say more about that, but I'm gonna drop it like it's hot.

hugs. and prayers.

The Johnson Family said...

Your names are on a couple temple prayer rolls and I know they will continue to be there on top of all of the many prayers that are being offered in your family's behalf.
You are still AMAZING and I hope and pray he sees the light before it is too late.

Valerie said...

Will definitely be saying a prayer for you and your Beloved! You can't go wrong asking for prayer!

I am hoping over to welcome you to SITS! I am so glad you decided to join in the SITStahood!

wonder woman said...

I was going to ask about the temple prayer rolls. You can find the phone number of every temple in the US and call them.

It couldn't hurt. And it's not the like ladies answering would know you called other temples.

You should put yourself on there, too. ♥