Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who knew lotion could be yummy and icky all at once?

One of the things that stinks about this whole mess is that everything (and I do mean EVERYthing) seems to be laden with double meaning or ulterior motives. I really hate it.

For example:
Bath and Body Works (BBW--to save further typing) was having/is having a great sale. I decided I was going to go partake of said sale and purchase some yummy soaps/lotions/etc. I told Beloved I was going to leave the kids and go over there for a few minutes. Suddenly he looks interested and says, "Where is there a BBW around here?" Now, my husband would never care where there is a BBW before. Which made me look at him suspiciously and say, "Why? Do you need me to pick up something for you?" And he looked at me and said, slowly, "Noo. I like their soaps, though. Could you get some of those?" And I said yes and left. Because all I could think of was that Shannon had said that she likes BBW and he thought of it when I said it and then he decided he'd swing by and pick up something for her. Now. That may all be in my head. And probably is. But it is all I could think about while I was out.

I bought some new lotions I had never tried before, but which I liked very much and some soaps and a car freshener for Beloved's car. In case you were wondering...

ANYWAY. So the next day I was wearing the new lotion and sitting beside Beloved and he turns and says, "What is that lotion you are wearing?" And I said, "why? you don't like it?" And he said something like, "no it smells really good" or "no, I like it a lot". Then he re-asks "What is it called?" Which really creeped me out. I didn't want to tell him the name of that lotion I was wearing because all I could think then was, "Ew. Don't be weird and send your mistress lotion that you smelled on me and liked."

Funny story: Beloved dated a girl before me for 2 years and at one point in their relationship she bought him and her brother the same cologne. She said she just thought it was so sexy.

Yeah. I know. Gross, right? So, that is all I could think of.

There are lots of little things like that which make me a little crazy. Am I doing it to myself? Maybe. Though, I do think he is a little *cuckoo-cuckoo* (not right in the head) right now and doesn't quite know what is appropriate behavior and what isn't and therefore wouldn't put it past him to be doing or thinking these weird things.

What do you think?


MiMi said...

As my husband would say, "You should get an award for jumping. You jumped really far to get to THAT conclusion." Hardy har har.
As I would say...I would've read between those lines just like you. I would've probably went farther.
He's probably just trying to be nice...? Like he's interested. Ya know? Although, when they start doing that, it IS sorta creepy.
Makes me wonder what kind you got! They do have some awesome smellin' stuff!

DirknRory said...

Well, I don't blame you for coming to ANY conclusions because at this point, how are YOU to know what ANYTHING he says means? No man can serve two masters, you know what I mean? So, don't beat yourself up too much for "wondering". And by the way, you have a right to smell good, so keep it up! ;)

wonder woman said...

I would've thought the same thing.

I think you're completely right -- he's obsessed. Infatuated. He's not seeing anything clearly.

hawkgrrrl said...

Don't know if it helps, but I have read that an affair is an addiction, just like any other addiction. The only cure is to get away from the source of it, in this case Shannon. She is the drug. His behavior is very typical, given the analogy of addiction.

Thoughts are with you both.

Christine said...

Dear Gigi:

I found you blog today and read it from the beginning. All I can say is I'm praying hard for you and your beloved.

Regarding the "addiction" that is an affair, a few years ago a much older colleague from work who had left to go to another company (whom I looked up to at the time) decided he was in love with me. He got weirder and weirder to interact with until I finally had to tell him to go away and never contact me again. It was like some sort of sickness and I felt unclean even though I hadn't done anything to encourage the man. I mean, I was planning my wedding (and made NO secret about it) and this man had daughters my age!

My thoughts and prayers are with you.