Thursday, July 30, 2009

clarification of the letter

I actually did email this to him tonight.

And the 'what we discussed' at the end of the letter was the reason that I called him in the first place tonight: He texted me and said he wanted to talk to his kids. I could point out that he said his kids, but I won't ;) Oh, and the fact that he only texted and never bothered to call his kids. Though he says he called and left a message a few days ago. Seriously, that phone is almost always on me, and if not, I check it maybe some would say compulsively. So, NO. You didn't call, Beloved. Tell yourself whatever you want to. Can you tell that the texting thing really irks me?

I feel that he wants to know what it is like to live without his kids (his words, not mine) and I'm giving it to him. Not forever. For a few days/weeks.

He already decided that living without them is worth seeing Shannon in California this last weekend. Because he went. And I clearly explained his choices before I left. He doesn't seem to remember. Right.

Anyway. There is my quick clarification in case there were questions. ANy others? I'll be commenting on comments and answering questions in my next post...or not. See, you never know with me. I still haven't finished telling the story of what happened on our first holiday (again, that was for you, S!).


MiMi said...

I really am curious about what happened on your first "holiday." Now, go to bed! :)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

From reading your post I see I have a lot of growing to do. Your better than me because I don't think I would have handled your situation with the same grace as you. I would not have been the better or bigger person. You're a good person Gigi.

The Johnson Family said...

Amen to both posts above. I hope this is a good reality check for him. He obviously needs one. It sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too. Sad, Sad, Sad!
So, dying to hear the whole story when you are ready to tell it.
Love ya!!

wonder woman said...

I'm glad that you were able to articulate all of your feelings to Beloved. He's obviously not hearing what you're saying, but it's hard to misinterpret a letter like yours, or jump to conclusions.

As much as I want this to just be over for you, I have a feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Which sucks.


p.s. WV is "achin." Appropriate much, don't you think?!

Joanne said...

Just came across your blog and I can say you are one strong, funny, very loving woman. You deserve the best for you and you said it best with or without your Beloved.

I really want this to have a happy ending for you and the children.

After my first great love passed away my tolerance for infidelity went from very very little to zero. Again you are very strong.

mama-face said...

Here's my first question.

Did you forget about 'Baby-Mama' and those BFF's? i'm just saying. :)

2nd question.

Are you taking care of yourself?

3rd question.

What can I do to help?
hugs hugs hugs and more hugs.