Monday, August 10, 2009


**before I begin, I'd like to point out that this is the second post of the day. please see below for a post about your comments and the commenters**

It has come to my attention that there has been a SEVERE oversight on my part.

When discussing my trip (you know, the one where I got away to keep my sanity) I neglected to tell you all that I first stayed with some super people who I am related to. But that isn't what makes them super. No, they are super all on their own. And especially one. You know her, but I won't out her here if she doesn't want that. Ahem.

It is she and her darling daughters who introduced me to Baby Mama and the joys of So You Think You Can Dance (which I never saw until we watched it together). Yeah. I'm a little obsessed with SYTYCD now. So, thanks for that.

She let me talk when I needed to let stuff off my chest, and she just loved me the rest of the time. Which is exactly what I needed. She really has been an angel to me. Her whole family. Seriously, people. I am so blessed.

Hugs to you. (You know who you are!)


wonder woman said...

I'm glad that you have people to lean on in "real" life. Angels among us for sure.

MiMi said...

Oh, that's so nice! I wished you lived near me so we could hang out! We could watch silly stuff and eat popcorn and snort and laugh and....andandand, right?

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Thank God for people who have your back when you need it.

I have been obsessed with SYTYCD for 4 seasons now. So much so my boys and I have gone to the live show 2 years running.

Anne Fisher said...

I wish you were still here. My sister and I are planning on going to a "Dancing Under the Stars" show next weekend. Last year they had all of the local dancers (3 of them) from SYTYCD perform in a relatively small venue--small enought that my sister and I even got pictures with a couple of them. This year, Randi from SYTYCD should be there, as well as Louis Van Amstrel (sp?). I need to make sure your "relatives" know about it, because I know they'd totally come!!! If you decide to come back, let me know and we'll hook you up. Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

hey, what am I? chopped liver? Where's MY recognition? Where's MY 15 seconds of fame on your famous blog? Marsha marsha marsha!!!!!! It's SO unfair! Ok, that's my two year old feisty fit for the day. Check! Just kidding! Love you! And you seriously have to go watch Psych!