Monday, August 24, 2009


i just haven't felt much like i know what to write.

i appreciate your words. i really do.

i didn't mean to worry anyone, either.

i'll write tomorrow.

i really mean it.




Joanie M said...

Aw, I've had days like that. I couldn't think of anything to write about yesterday either. maybe something will come today. :)

grandmamargie said...

Just thinking of you.

Gretchen said...

Hey Gigi. You can't stop now, I finally registered and can make comments, now. Ok, I sound lame, I never figured out how to do it otherwise. Oh well. You know I am here for you no matter what.

One question... did you know who I was as soon as you saw the "name"?

Love ya much!

mom43denise said...

hope all is well, still prayin' for you and yours.

rocky said...

Write when you want to and don't apologise for not writing. This is your life you are living -- you don't owe your blogging audience anything except a "I'll get to it when I can."

Can you tell I'm trying to make you less apologetic???