Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow. Lots of Comments.

First of all, to anonymous (#1) in "Of Bridges and Wings....":
Really? Is he cute? Tell me more...
KIDDING, people. But, no really, hang onto him for me. ; )

@ Anonymous (#2) of the same post:
Thanks for your advice. Really. I have been thinking the same thing. I need to get an idea of my options. Look into custody issues and child support, as well. But now I wonder who you are.... Sisters....hmmm...

@ MamaFace in "clarification of the letter"
I'm trying to take care of me. I'm lucky to have such good little kidlets, so they make life easier that way. Um, I am going to the temple weekly to re-center myself. Yeah. Maybe I need to be better about taking care of myself. Right now I'm not sure what that entails. I don't spend all day crying or anything. I'll have to think...

From "The Story, or Most of It":
@Savant: actually, it looks like most of his family know, now. Somehow... And, yeah. I have days when I feel like smashing a few...things.

@ Alicia: Amen (and thanks for saying you'd vote for me...if I ever run for office I'll hold you to it!)

@Mimi: Oh, you have no idea. There are some pretty terrifying things that go through my head sometimes. I'm just lucky I haven't acted on them. I don't really fancy prison.

@WonderWoman: Yeah. I think it'd be a good idea for him to keep a journal of the two (I'm sure, polarities) conversations. Originally (in the very beginning) he thought keeping a journal would be a good idea, but now he's all, 'what's the point'.

@jmn2001: I would really like to take you up on that Kayaking offer. Oh, and I had a conversation with Beloved about Craig, Shannon's husband. And I asked him, "How do you know she isn't feeding you lies about him, the way you are feeding her lies about me?" And he answered, "Well, I don't. But, she wouldn't do that." To which I responded (with a smirk), "Right. Because she's your 'soul-mate'." I know! So naughty.... And you are one of my favorite people, too. Why do you think I keep trying to squeeze my way into your family?!

@ Penelope: Much of his family now knows, and those who have spoken with him, unfortunately, have about as much luck talking sense to him as I have.
As for the leaving: well, he's going to have to do that. He knows the rules, and so he moved out. So, at least there's that. I do think you may have something about the 'getting sick' thing. My hair is falling out at an alarming rate...
OH, and Shannon totally knows we have a family. And little ones. They exchanged pictures. Isn't that sweet?! Oh, and if you are wondering what kind of woman she is, obviously, see the post about texting with her.

@Mimi from "Quick Note...": Dude. I love snark. I'm ok with you all telling me what you think. I just need to maintain my 'unsnarkiness'. Am I making sense? I shouldn't be blogging so late at night....

@Eloh from "Texting With...": Happy to have you! I love unicorns, too! ; )

@Mimi and Wonder Woman: Yeah. I've been trying to be nice about her this whole time, but really, I think you may be onto something. Certainly your words are better/kinder than what my sister calls her...

Of Heartbreak and Homecoming:
@Eloh: Sure, I'll answer them: 1. I have no idea if Shannon reads this. 2. She has 1 child with her husband and 2 stepchildren. Though, on his avon webpage he says he has 8 kids, so maybe she doesn't count those ones... 3. She left him a few weeks ago and is living in an apartment up the street from the family home. 4. I am debating that very thing...contacting Mr. H (her husband).

OK. About the whole ANNIVERSARY thing: @Red, I am hoping you aren't upset about the misunderstanding. And I am so sorry that you went through such a painful experience. Really, I am.

@Savant: Thanks! That actually cheered me today.

@eloh: I'm a total dork. Grand Torino? Huh? And where did you go 'visiting'? Seriously. 'Splain me, Lucy.

@Alicia: Holy cow. I think that is way more credit than I deserve. But, thanks. Really.

@Johnson: Thanks! Love you!

@Mimi: I think it will. I'm hanging onto that!

@Anne: Well, you know. I emailed you. Thank you for your love for me and Beloved

@WonderWoman: I agree, he is worth it. Aren't we all? But I understand what Red is saying, too. And thank you for that sweet reminder, WW!

@Karen: Glad to have you! And I'm trying, so thank you.



Thank you for your comments. Snarky or sweet. Love them all.

And those lurkers out there...yeah, you know who you are...I'd like to point out that I personally know only 4 of these women. So leave a little note. Don't be shy.



Joanne said...

Ok taking a step out of the cloak of darkness. I believe I commented first time I read your blog. As I have read the updates I am in awe of your strength and for once my fingers are silenced.

Truly - you have so much faith and your strength is immeasurable. I want to see a great ending to this story - but I have to admit I have many many bad thoughts about a certain woman - -your husband is no angel but she had NO RIGHT!!

In a nutshell my story is that I was married to my first great love - he died and now I am blessed with a second wonderful husband. I had little or no tolerance for infidelity during my first marriage - -but after he passed away and I realized how precious love really was - it was nothing to take for granted. So my tolerance dropped to below zero. Love is a gift and should never be taken for granted.

Ok off my soap box now - I will do my best to not lurk but just know you have a west coast fan cheering you on and wishing you the best of everything.

Cameo said...

Thank goodness I found your blog. I'm going through something similar. I feel so alone in this.

I've been married for 13 years - married in the temple, active LDS, never thought anything like this would happen to me. I'm also pregnant - almost ready to deliver.

There is a woman who I've been concerned about - she and my husband are coworkers and friends. They go to lunch now and then, run errands together, that kind of thing.

Recently I found out they'd been privately facebook chatting after work hours and direct messaging each other. I was not comfortable with it and asked my husband to stop talking to her after work hours and he said he would, that it was no big deal. I had a bad feeling about it, but wasn't sure why. He was becoming very secretive - hiding his iPhone and closing down his Facebook window whenever I walked by the computer. And yet he insisted he wasn't chatting with her.

On Friday I told him how hurt I was by his behavior, and he swore again that he was not talking to her outside of work. He actually made me feel guilty for suspecting him.

Last night I looked at our cell phone records online - they have texted back and forth over 100 times in the last three days. Right after we had a conversation where he swore he wasn't talking to her, I ran to the store and they texted back and forth the whole time.

So I confronted him this morning and he had to admit it. He swears they are just friends - that he was only hiding it because of my jealousy. He swears he has no feelings for her, that nothing is going on. He says he loves me, he is sorry, he will never talk to her again.

I don't believe him. I don't believe a word he says. And I feel awful. I just want to cry, and cry, and cry.

I don't know how you are holding things together. I don't know how you are keeping yourself from scratching his eyes out.

I don't even want to see my husband tonight when he gets home from work, I just want to run away.

The Johnson Family said...

Feeling for you Cameo! This just goes to show how hard Satan is working and how cunniving (spelling??) he can be! Her husband has no idea what that women is thinking, guarantee that she's not thinking it's all innocent.
So Gigi, I know I'm being so nosey but I would love to see a pic of this Shannon $#!%#@! jk Is Beloved still on FB, is she?? Do you have a way of contacting Craig?

MiMi said...

I know it's wrong, but I've been watching your followers, and GIRL, you are catching on! It's something about your honesty I think. You are SO honest, it's heartbreaking to read sometimes.
And I think it's so nice that you answer our questions!!! :)

@eloh said...

Don't feel bad, I'm always having to explain myself..I am often misunderstood.. most people think I'm just some kind of old @hole.

I'm being sarcastic, you know.

The Happy comment left by JennyMac was just the last straw...I went to her profile and she says she is a lawyer...

She also hits SITs daily...common sense says the woman is a big fat liar...she might work for an attorney but if she were one she wouldn't have time for blogging with SITs etc.